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Calling all artists!

An art organization in Fukui Prefecture is looking for artists to stay and work in Eiheiji Town, Fukui Prefecture. We invite you to experience the climate, scenery, people and food in the town at the foot of Eiheiji Temple, the head temple of the Soto sect of Zen Buddhism, and gain inspiration for your life and creative activities.

ZEN AIR -Artist In Residence EIHEIJI 2024
We are calling for artists, researchers, curators, etc. to stay, create, and research in Eiheiji Town, Fukui Prefecture, a Zen village where Eiheiji Temple, the head temple of the Soto sect of Zen Buddhism, is located.
The deadline is July 10, and the selection will be announced in mid-August.
Application guidelines and application forms can be downloaded from the official website.
This year, applications will be accepted via the application form.

ZEN AIR -Artist In Residence EIHEIJI 2024

For more information, please visit the official website.

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