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Washi based artist KASHIO Masaji has published a collection of his works. Includes about 70 works since 1960’s.

KASHIO Masaji, a washi based artist living in Minamiechizen-town, Fukui Prefecture, published “KASHIO Masaji Collection” in early July 2019.

KASHIO was born in 1933. After graduating from Fukui University, while working as an art teacher in Fukui Prefecture, he also published three-dimensional works based on Echizen washi (Japanese paper made in Echizen Province) and wires, and is actively engaged in creative activities even after retirement.

He has exhibited at international art exhibitions in Japan, Germany, Italy and Denmark.

The collection book includes about 70 works since 1960’s The photo was directed by TSUCHIDA Hiromi, a photographer who was born in Minamiechizen-town.

Some of his works were newly shot in the town, where they looked as if they fit into the scenery of a mountain village. “What would happen if the work were placed in nature? It was a challenge for me to either win or lose.” TSUCHIDA said.

In the latter half of the book, essays by critics, including HARIU Ichiro, the first director of Kanaz Forest of Creation (Awara-city, Fukui prefecture), were included.

In an essay titled “A paper mask of KASHIO Masaji” written by poet and critic OOka Makoto, an episode of KASHIO is described, including “Kashio said , referring to his work being literally bone and skin , ‘and scrape off the meat.'”.

“I loaded my work on a light truck and went around Minami Echizen-town to take pictures. There are some pictures that I didn’t expect to finish, and it is a collection that depends on TSUCHIDA’s sensitivity.” KASHIO said.

In commemoration of the publication, KASHIO and TSUCHIDA will hold collaborative exhibitions called “Float, Shake, Stand-up,” at 2 locations in the prefecture. The schedule and venue are as follows. Admission is free.

B4 Conformal, page 158. The price is 7,560 yen. It is also available at major bookstores in Fukui prefecture and online shop store.

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