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When I open the door and jump into the picture, it gives me the “power of the day’s mood. Noriko Saito, hair stylist

-How did you find out about Aoyama Madoka’s paintings?

I think it was five or six years ago.I saw her at the Gekko Cafe in Echizen City. It was love at first sight.

-Have you ever bought any of his paintings before?

This is the first time I’ve bought a painting. As soon as I saw it, I intuitively thought, “I want it!I had a hunch. I’ve never bought a painting before. I never thought that I would feel like buying a painting. I was surprised at myself. When I heard that Ms Aoyama is from Fukui Prefecture, I felt closer to her.

-Please tell us how you felt when you bought it.

It was the first time that my senses and the feeling of the painting matched, that was my first experience. I went straight to the gallery. I asked, “Can I buy this? I told the owner without hesitation.

I was also surprised by the shape of Ms. Aoyama’s canvas. I had always imagined paintings to be thin and flat, but Ms. Aoyama’s works were thick. I was impressed by the fact that there were also three-dimensional works like this.

-Have your feelings changed since you bought it?

I didn’t have any doubts. I don’t even remember the price at the time of purchase.

When I bought my first piece, I decided that I would buy one piece each year as a result of my work.I bought a square piece the first year and a round piece the second year.

-Why did you decide to decorate your beauty salon instead of your home?

It’s a store that I run by myself, so I wanted to get some power from something. I guess it was this picture and these colors for me. At the hair salon where I used to work, I got power from my colleagues and customers. When I’m alone, I have to go and get power myself.

When I thought about where to put it in this salon, I placed it in my line of sight. When I opened the door and entered this space, the color would be the first thing that jumped out at me. I want to be able to open the door every day and feel empowered every day.

-How do you want your customers to feel?

Customers come to this store with a variety of emotions. The environment that surrounds the customer also differs from person to person. The person who comes to the store today may not feel exactly the same way a month from now.

Ms. Aoyama’s paintings are ones that customers can look at with the “feeling of the moment.
Ms. Aoyama’s paintings are not too abstract. I can see it as a shape of something or a view of somewhere.
I am a painting that gives me “the power of the mood of the day. What about customers?

What I feel from this painting is the color in nature, contained in nature. Maybe it’s the color in my heart.

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