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Essay illustrations for “Children in the Green Garden” exhibition

The illustration exhibition “‘Children in the Green Garden’ original illustration exhibition = Graduation Edition =” will begin on June 13 at the auditorium of the Fukui City Art Museum (Fukui-shi Geba 3).

An exhibition by illustrator MORIISHI Omari, who lives in Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture. It exhibits illustrations for about 6 years of the Fukui Shimbun’s “Children in the Green Garden” “Monthly fu” series, which was the basis of the essays by writer MIYASHITA Natsu (resident of Fukui City) “I lay down in the green garden”.

The exhibition is the second of its kind, following one held last spring. About 70 illustrations drawn with pigment pens, colored pencils and other painting materials will be on display, including new works released after the exhibition. When Miyashita published a series of “graduation” in the magazine in spring, the exhibition was titled “graduation”.

At the event, MORIISHI also produced a direct mail (DM) with hand-drawn illustrations printed on craft paper. “I copied the message and cut it one by one with scissors and glued it on. The coloring is done one by one with colored pencils, so how analog is the work?” Moriishi said.

As a related event, “All about the graduation talk session ‘Children in the Green Garden'” will be held at (Fukui-shi Chuo 1) “Happiring Hall” near Fukui Station from 15 o’clock on June 8. MIYASHITA, MORIISHI and their editors will take the stage, and members of the Fukui branch of the JPIC Reading Advisor Club will read the essays. The participation fee is 500 yen. Capacity of 150 persons. The deadline is May 25. Application: .

The museum is open from 9 o’clock to 17:15 (Admission ends 30 minutes in advance). Admission is free. Until June 16.

(The article was published by Fukui Keizai Shimbun.)

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