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NAGATA Mihoko & MASUKO Tsuyoshi – Stained Glass Exhibition –

An exhibition by two stained glass artists is being held at Art Space KITANOSHO ( Fukui-shi, JAPAN).

MASUKO’s work is a work in which a sheet of flat glass has been made three-dimensional. And his work combines one part with a certain rule.

MASUKO says, “I am based on the lampshade technique. I have been thinking of sculptural shapes and contemporary images for two years. I was thinking I could do it.”

“I made a three-dimensional image of particles gathered.” The title of the work is all particles. MASUKO says “I cherish what I am impressed. I want to do more than I imagined. I do not want to make anything less than I imagined. It is quality.”

NAGATA is a person who makes pictorial stained glass. For example, the work at the gallery entrance can be seen behind the brush. NAGATA says, “I’m drawing on a glass plate.”

The main feature of NAGATA’s work is “line”. She draws many lines with a brush. It is incorporated into the work. The lines appearing in the work have smooth movements.

She produces works on the theme of “nature”. Says, “The sound of the piano is different between tapping and tapping. Stained glass also differs depending on the color intensity.”

The viewer will feel the beauty in the form of stained glass and the beauty through light.

NAGATA Mihoko&MASUKO Tsuyoshi -Stained Glass Exhibition-

Art Space KITANOSHO(アートスペース北の荘)
Mitsui Building 3F, 1-2-25 Chuo Fukui-shi Fukui JAPAN 910-0006

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