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“MATSUMOTO Leiji exhibition” in Fukui. Display 200 items including original drawing.

From June 2, “Exhibition of MATSUMOTO Leiji” will be held at Fukui City Art Museum (Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture).

MATSUMOTO is a manga artist born in Japan. Representative works include “Space Cruiser Yamato”, “The Galaxy Express 999” and “Space Pirate Captain Herlock”. The exhibition will be held according to MATSUMOTO ‘s birth year 80.

Approximately 200 items such as manuscripts, cell pictures of animation works and solid models are exhibited. Approximately 10 pieces including a poster of the movie version “The Galaxy Express 999” will be exhibited together with the movie theater “Metro Gekijo” in Fukui city.

A curator, KONO Yoshihisa, “MATSUMOTO’s work has influenced animators now, I hope that it will be a catalyst for communication with young people and real-time generations in their 40s and over.”

The opening hours are 9:00 am – 5:15 pm (Admission is until 4:45 pm, June 2 is open at 10 o’clock). admission fee, general = 900 yen, high school student / university student = 600 yen, elementary school student / middle school student = 300 yen. Until July 8th.


Related events

  • MATSUMOTO’s talk show and autograph session (13:30 on June 10)
  • Electronic organ “Electone” player “826aska” Live (from 17th June 17th ~)
  • Work explanation meeting (June 3, 16, 23, every day from 14 o’clock)
  • Screened animation work “THE COCKPIT” (June 9 / July 7, 13:30 each day ~)
  • Free viewing (required for the exhibition entrance ticket on the day)

Screening (venue is Metro Gekijo)

  • “The Galaxy Express 999” (June 16 – 22 June)
  • “Adieu Galaxy Express” (June 23 to 29 June).


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