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“Echizen hosho” exhibition in Fukui Prefecture in Japan. There are 44 woodblock prints and a demonstration by “Surishi”.

The exhibition “The essence of Japanese paper – the world of Echizen hosho – (Modern Edition)” is being held in Fukui Prefecture of Japan. The venue is “Paper Culture Museum” located in Echizen-city, Fukui Prefecture.

Second exhibition following the exhibition “The essence of Japanese paper – Echizen hosho’s world – (classical)”. Exhibit the history of “Echizen hosho” which was used as official document paper. The history of Echizen washi is about 1500 years. Introduce Echizen hosho as multicolored woodcut printing paper.

44 woodblock prints produced in Taisho – Showa era are displayed. The artists include AZECHI Umetaro, URUSHIBARA Mokuchu, ONO Chikkyo, KAWASE Hasui, SAITO Kiyoshi, HIRONAGA Takehiko, YOSHIDA Toshi, YOSHIDA Hiroshi and others. In the annex building, woodblock prints, print samples, tools etc. are displayed.

A curator, SATO Tomiko said, “In modern times, the momentum of seeking new expressions of woodcut prints among artists and publishers increased, Fukui washi craftsmen responded to their requests and increased the quality of the paper. “Echizen hosho” is a work of art created by artists and Japanese paper craftsmen. ”

The opening hours are 9:30 am – 5 pm. Closed on Tuesdays. Admission fee is general = JPY 300, less than high school student free. Held until March 12.

越前市 紙の文化博物館

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(The article was published by Fukui Keizai Shimbun.)

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