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Illustration exhibition “Children in the Green Garden” 50 illustrations for essays written by MIYASHITA Natsu are displayed

“Children in the Green Garden, Illustration original drawings exhibition” will be held in Fukui Prefecture of Japan.

An exhibition by MORIISHI Omari, an illustrator living in Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture. At the exhibition, illustrations of MIYASHITA Natsu’s essay “Children in the Green Garden” are displayed

Essay became the basis of MIYASHITA Natsu’s book “Lying in the Green Garden”.

Approximately 50 illustrations drawn with pigment pen and colored pencil are displayed at the venue.

MORIISHI says, “based on the manuscript of the essay delivered, I draw up the idea over two or three days. It is difficult to make an idea that does not go deep into the essay contents.”

MORIISHI also says “after reading the delivered manuscript, I cry and start working on it. The works of her make me cry, even a short essay.”

The theme of the essay is MIYASHITA’s children. MORIISHI says, “It is not a portrait, it depicts MIYASHITA’s children I imagined, and she encouraged me.”

The opening hours are Monday – Saturday = 10 am – 8 pm Sunday, holiday = 1 pm – 7 pm. free entrance. Until April 30th.

(The article was published by Fukui Keizai Shimbun.)

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