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Great persons in Fukui at the end of Edo period

At Fukui City History Museum(Fukui prefecture, Japan), an exhibition “Great men who played active in Fukui at the end of Edo period” has been held until Aug.26 2018.

The exhibition introduces people in Fukui who contributed to the Meiji Restoration (late of 19th century) such as MATSUDAIRA Shungaku, HASHIMOTO Sanai. 50 pieces of materials who related Fukui (e.g. SAIGO Takamori, KATSU Kaishu) are also exhibited.

A curator YAMADA Yuki says, “I see many people who like history come to the venue. I guess NHK TV program Segodon influences to them. I hope visitors to imagine many dramas in Meiji Restoration through valuable collections.”

Great men who played active in Fukui at the end of Edo period
Fukui City History Museum
Jul.20, 2018~Aug.26, 2018.
Phone +81-776-21-0489

(The article was published by Fukui Keizai Shimbun.)

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